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Josiah Grauso Certified as a National Social Security Advisor 

Josiah Grauso has achieved certification as a National Social Security Advisor from the National Social Security Association in Cincinnati. He can educate clients on the best way to claim Social Security benefits to optimize their lifetime income.

Ralph Grauso Named 2015 Advisor of The Year

Ralph Grauso was named "Advisor of the Year" by a national mentoring organization for financial professionals, 3-Mentors, Inc. He was chosen for the award due to his consistent high performance.

Ralph Grauso Shares Tax Tips Live on WBRE

Watch Ralph Grauso’s interview on WBRE. He answered critical questions about tax filing and how you can be prepared.

Interview With Lehigh Valley Business Magazine

Ralph Grauso sat down with Lehigh Valley Business magazine to discuss the outlook for small businesses under a potential Trump presidency. Find out what President Trump could mean for your financial future. 

Retirement Keys: Risk Tolerance, Investment Goal

If you're nearing or in retirement, the current level of market uncertainty could threaten or disrupt your retirement plans. You are not alone. Read Ralph Grauso’s Pocono Record column to get the details. 

Ralph Grauso Named Columnist for Pocono Record

The Pocono Record Business section welcomes new columnist Ralph Grauso, who will write regularly for the Sunday pages.

To Roll Over or Not to Roll Over: What to Do With Your Old 401(K)

When you're packing up your office to switch jobs, should you also leave your 401(k) behind? Josiah Grauso helps answers that question in an interview with U.S. News.

Retirement Planning and Vacation

How many of you spend more time planning for your next vacation than planning for your retirement? Think about it and if you raised your hand, then you are not alone. Read Ralph Grauso’s latest article in the Pocono Record.

Guaranteed Income: The Antidote to Market Volatility

The decision by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, dubbed Brexit, is just the latest example of market volatility. The first half of the year has tested the nerves of investors, but there are ways to calm the fears, one being sources of guaranteed income. 

What Happens If You Work After Signing Up for Social Security?

Depending on your age and income, you might now be able to collect your Social Security retirement benefits and work at the same time. Rick Seiler spoke with U.S. News to help clear up questions surrounding this situation.

How to Tell If Your 401K is Good or Bad

It's not always easy to know if your 401(k) plan is a good one, and whether it's worth it for you to invest. Ralph Grauso spoke with Wise Bread magazine about what you need to review.

Answering Your Social Security Questions

The new Social Security rules could throw a wrench in your retirement strategy. Read Ralph Grauso’s tips in his Pocono Record column.

Give The Gift of Insurance This Holiday Season

The people have spoken. This holiday season they want to connect and reconnect with loved ones at record levels. Should an insurance discussion be a part of your discussion?

ASC Financial Group Selected for the 2023 Best of Bartonsville Award!

We’ve been selected for the Best of Bartonsville Award in the Financial Planner category, recognizing us for our great service to our customers and to our community!

September Newsletter: July Brings Mostly Good News for the Markets, Economy & Investors

After pausing in June, the Federal Reserve resumed its tightening efforts in July with another quarter- percent increase to short-term interest rates. The hike was expected so the financial markets took it in stride, and overall July was a good month for the markets, the economy, and investors across the board. Will August bring big changes? 

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