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Our commitment to you is simple: To be honest, transparent, and always looking out for your best interest first and always.

At ASC Financial Group it is our goal to help our clients create a comprehensive financial plan that is designed to secure their financial futures and ensure their peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones.

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We believe security in retirement comes from knowing you have a sound financial plan designed to help you build, grow, and enjoy your life’s savings.

At ASC Financial Group, we educate our clients and work with them to create a comprehensive financial strategy.

Your Ideal Retirement Awaits!

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4 Ways We Can Help You Do So

1. Risk Reduction

Our Income-based approach to planning and saving for retirement can help to reduce your exposure to market risk and economic uncertainty.

2. Income Generation

Our focus on income-generating investments means we can help you establish renewable streams of income you can count on well into retirement.

3. Tax Minimization

Our tax savings strategies can help you avoid paying more in taxes than you are legally obligated to. 

4. Social Security Maximization

We can help to ensure that you’ve done all you can to maximize your social security benefits and avoid leaving money on the table from this important retirement resource.

Preview our short animated video which illustrates some important facts about retirement. By understanding how certain patterns tend to repeat themselves in the financial markets, you’ll be better prepared to avoid damaging losses to your retirement savings. If you like what you see, you can also sign up to watch the other videos in our animated series.

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ASC Financial Group helped me reduce my exposure to market risk and economic uncertainty.
Mary S.
Bartonsville, PA
August 31, 2021
My advisor at ASC Financial Group helped me establish ongoing streams of income I can count on in retirement.
Robert O.
Bartonsville, PA
September 31, 20121

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